Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by Business owners & Freelancers


General Questions

What is JobMandi?

JobMandi is an online market of Top -notch & Most Trusted Freelancers. We have experienced and skilled professionals on our website. All of them are screened and tested before allowing them to browse and select projects.  Sign up to post short or long-term projects and hire quality freelancer perfect for your job requirements.

What type of jobs and projects can be posted on JobMandi?

We have a big community of freelancers skilled to work on all type of projects. Any website or mobile app development, content marketing, digital marketing, advertising, designing and much more.

How to connect with Freelancers?

There are many ways to connect with freelancers to work with – post a job request with key details or simple chat with prospects with desired skills to complete the project.

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How is JobMandi different from other agencies and platforms?

Unlike other freelancing service providers, JobMandi does not act as a third party managing work relations. Job providers and freelancers decide how they would like to work together, and whatever freelancers bid straightaway goes in their account and not as our fee or commission. No cuts at all.

Agencies are highly expensive to hire, and often you are not aware who is working on your project. When you connect with freelancers, you'll know who you're working with, which boosts trust as you work together to achieve your goals! It also helps in building a network for future projects.