JobMandi is a work market that empowers businesses and freelancers to deliver experiences that unlock productivity, growth, and success. As our emphasis is purely on quality and efficiency, we aim to connect bigwig developers, wunderkind designers, or creative whiz-kids with promising start-ups, fast-growing business, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Today, freelancers are mostly at the receiving end. They strive day-in, day-out for countless hours to build a successful freelancing business. However, they don’t get paid what their skills deserve. In recent years, the potential of getting paid less has become a huge dilemma.

No doubt, it is difficult to put value on your skills. On the flipside, organization are experiencing a big performance drop. They go through real tough times in finding trustworthy, reliable, and skilled full-time folks and freelancers capable of delivering up to the mark project requirements. Most times they curtail their expectations because they don’t find the right talent.

Therefore, JobMandi provides an easy, fair, and modest way to match business requirements with freelancer skills - to get jobs done well in-time and in-budget. Our prime motive is to help clients post eloquent projects and to help freelancers reply with expressive proposals.

We at JobMandi, strongly want to eradicate the dilemma’s faced by both, organisations and freelancers. We allow freelancers to earn what they truly deserve and help organisations to optimize their organization performance with talents capable of delivering what is expected.

How Job Mandi
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Work with Genuine Employers that value you

We connect top freelancers with top employers from diverse business segments. But, before that, once you’ve sign-up, we thoroughly scan your profile to find projects that match your skills. Here’s how we help talented freelancers build a successful freelancing business.

How Job Mandi
Works for

JobMandi helps enthusiastic employers find seasoned and successful freelancers for their high-profile projects.